MennoFolk 2018 Meetings Have Begun!

Meetings for MennoFolk 2018, which will be the 20th anniversary are well under way! This year we will be reflecting on the previous 20 years and are looking into different ways to do this. Keep posted for more information!


Announcing MennoFolk 2017: FEAR[FULL]

This year at Mennofolk we invite you to come and hold your fear, stand beside it, or perhaps glare at it from a distance. In this world which gives fear the power to draw boundaries, to validate existence, and to arrest truth, we ask: where does hope meet fear? Shall we resist our very consumption?

Our night features an art exhibition (visual, written, installation) with music by Rosebud and Darling Twig
Venue: Xcues @ 551 Sargent Ave (YES, accessible!)
Time: 7PM / 8PM Music
Cost: By donation (if able)! Merch also available by donation.
All are welcome!